The TEPOA Community Radio Club regrets to inform you of the passing of our own Errol Hauck.  Stay tuned to the radio on 90.1 FM or right here at 

Enjoy the The Hauck Show Errol Hauck Tuesday   from       12:30 PM till 4:00 PM  and you can also hear The Hauck Show Errol Hauck Thursday from        12:30 PM till 4:00 PM ThursdayIn my early 20's I worked as a radio announcer for 4 years...this in the 1963-1967 years and I have many fond memories of that time. That is why I do so enjoy volunteering at TECR.   The positive  side effect being it helps bring back some of my  my skills lost over the past 50 years.Music has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember...all kinds of music and that includes  pop, country, standards, instrumental.   My greatest interest is the music and performers from the 50's and early 60's  so I pattern my show along that time period as that is the music I know and love best.  There was  an incredible amount of great music recorded in that era.  I try to find the best melodies and "easy on the ear" recordings to broadcast with the hope that others who may be listening will agree.  I also like to dispense "tidbits" of information and humorous stories as fillers here and there. " Listening should be enjoyable"  is my motto.Erroll

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